Eco-friendly and sustainable new family of biopesticides based on microalgae via circular economy approach
The Project

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Within BIORIZON BIOTECH, extensive experience is available both on management and of participation in complex research projects such as proposed herewith. Through exploitation of this experience an implementation model was selected, which is applied in various (European) research initiatives, and has proven its value for large and complex projects. Using the management model, and taking careful consideration of the complexity of the project, a project organizational structure is defined in such a way that decision making is streamlined, without complicated procedures. This structure focuses responsibilities and channels information. For each level, the decisions process and the exchange of information is clearly identified and controlled by the Project management organization.

What Expert Say


Han conseguido poner en marcha un proyecto de economía circular rentable. ¿eso es sostenibilidad a largo plazo?

UAL – Especialista en Biotecnologia de microalgas marinas

Francisco Gabriel Acien

Trabajamos juntos desde hace años. Su pasión por descubrir cosas nuevas nos une.

Ph.D. Agronomist Enginieer at Estación Experimental Cajamar


Alicia Mª González Céspedes

Son la empresa más innovadora a nivel mundial sobre el uso de microalgas para la agricultura.

Profesor Departamento de Ciencias de la Planta Széchenyi István University, Gyor (Hungría)

Vince Ördög

Francisco Gabriel AcienAlicia Mª González CéspedesVince Ördög
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