WP5. Techno-economic and sustainability/LCA assesment, marketability and legal framework

Business plan for the ALGAENAUTS process is the start point of the project.
Developed business plan demonstrate the viability of producing target products under defined conditions and allows identifying the boundary conditions on which the technology will be optimised.
On the basis of this business plan a techno-economic analysis will be performed which will take the lead on the necessary decisions for the successful of the project.
Other work packages will continuously provide information to the techno-economic analysis to assist in the decision-making, in order to steer the whole project towards a successful development.
As any other biomass-based process, the cultivation, harvesting and transformation of algae come with a number of potential environmental and social impacts, which this work package tries to evaluate and mitigate.
Thus, studies on the topic should be conducted, in an effort to understand and mitigate impacts.
The sustainability of large scale process proposed will be analysed on the basis of nutrients recovery and efficiency, energy balance, air emission and water quality exhausting the process.
Market opportunity and performance will lie at the core of the project.
To this end, the project will build upon a comprehensive market analysis of the products to be generated within the project, their market uptake potential, main end-markets, market value and legal framework.

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