Within this task, we will develop and produce dissemination materials and execute planned communication activities (i.e. attendance to events on selected trade shows, societal associations, agronomic institutions; as well as using broadcast media such as Interviews on radio/TV, press and social media) in a timely manner.

a) Coordinate all activities related to the project and ensure that all project results are created, managed and disseminated in a coordinated and consistent manner.

b) Efficiently manage time, resources and achievements against the project plan.c) Cumplir con todas las obligaciones contractuales.

c) Fulfill with all contractual obligations.

d) Disseminate the benefits that ALGAENAUTS offers to the end users in Europe and internationally, to strategic stakeholders in the agricultural sector, as well as to policy makers.

e) Create a website dedicated to the project that is fully informative about the entire ALGAENAUTS ecosystem and continuous progress.

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