This WP aims to build a pre-commercial pilot line for the processing and production of microalgae-based biopesticides.

The design of the processing line will be addressed first from the engineering point of view. A detailed analysis of the processes developed in the TRL6 for the production of biopesticides will be carried out in order to properly scale them with the equivalent industrial equipment.

This engineering analysis will be supported by a technical-economic analysis and a hazard and risk analysis, which will allow choosing the most suitable equipment from different industrial suppliers, to build the processing line under the applicable regulations.

Once the design of the process line is clear at a technical, economic and regulatory level, the equipment will be built and assembled at the Biorizon Biotech facilities.

The assembly and operation of each individual part of the final processing line will be individually tested to ensure proper operation, then the processing line will be tested semi-continuously for three months to ensure proper operation and proper training of operators.

The batches of biopesticides formulated and generated will be used in field trials to validate the general processes.


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