WP2. Optimisation of large-scale production and processing of microalgae strains with biopesticide activity for the production of end products

Optimisation of the production of biopesticides at industrial scale from biomass of selected microalgae strains using wastewater and livestock effluents at large-scale production.
The consecution of the objective will be addressed accomplishing several milestones.
Firstly, the optimal conditions for the production of the selected microalgae to maximize the biopesticide and plant biostimulant activity will be stablished at lab scale.
The biomass will be used for the preparation of biopesticide extracts.
These extracts will be used in laboratory trials to confirm their activity against phytopathogens and biostimulant activity.
The optimized conditions will be used for large scale production of the microalgae strains in closed and open photobioreactors in the Biorizon Biotech microalgae production plant.
Subsequently, the harvested biomass will be processed and formulated to biopesticide products at pre-commercial pilot scale.
Additionally, the residual biomass from biopesticide production will be reused to produce biofertilisers by enzymatic hydrolysis. The hydrolysis will be addequately formulated according with the legal framework.

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