ALGAENAUTS Project presentation at Fruit Attraction

ALGAENAUTS Project presentation at Fruit Attraction

Fruit Attraction is the most important international second fair on Nutritional Sector, and  one of its activities was focused on introducing ALGAENAUTS project by Biorizon Biotech co-supported by the EMFF programme of the European Union.

The event was held on October 5 and aroused great expectations as it was accompanied by the results of an efficacy study of our products that we carried out together with the Cajamar Foundation.

The beginning of the project has generated high expectations in the sector due to the potential benefits of the development on Biopesticides with a high demanding of the market.

Joaquín Pozo Denga, R&D of BiorizonBiotech and Director of ALGAENAUTS Project was in charge of the presentation.

Watch the video of the Project presentation in Spanish.

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